Below is the address of our ICO smart contract. It will accept transactions only after the start date: February 28th 2018 15:00 UTC

There is a dynamic hourly cap. This means that during the first hour of the ICO it will accept maximum of 1 Ether per sender. Second hour this is raised to 2 Ether per sender and so on every hour. For example 10 hours after the start, you can be sending 10 Ether at once. You can participate every hour again!
All transactions that are sent BEFORE the start date or are OVER the hourly limit will fail and the gas will be wasted!



(recommended gas limit 210 000)


  • DO NOT SEND FROM AN EXCHANGE! They will NOT credit you with the tokens we send back.
  • Make your own wallet, where you control the private keys and send from it.
  • You will receive 1000 ERT tokens for every 1 Ether sent.
  • Our address is published here on this page only!
  • If someone sends you ethereum adddress via any other channel, it is a scam!
  • We will never publish our smart contract address anywhere else, but here.
  • In all our communication to you, we will link to this page only!
  • Make sure the URL in the address bar of your browser is starting with https to avoid “man in the middle” attacks.
  • You can also send to our Ethereum domain “ethearnal.eth” if your wallet supports it. It should resolve to the same ethereum address as the one above. It is the same.